Submission Criteria

Tracks for Submissions (Choose one)

We will be accepting submissions until March 12th, 2022 (23:59 PT).

We are looking forward to engaging in a conversation about QTBIPOC participatory design that is as inclusive as possible. To accomplish this, we are offering three tracks for people to apply to participate in our workshop:

  1. Positionality Submissions

Emerging QTBIPOC researchers who want to contribute to the discussion can submit a positionality statement explaining what being QTBIPOC means to them, challenges they may have encountered as a QTBIPOC researcher, and how that has molded their research interests.

  1. Experience Submissions

For researchers that have experience working with QTBIPOC communities who may or may not be QTBIPOC themselves. This submission will include a detailed explanation of their experience working with LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC communities. The submissions do not need to focus on the intersection of the two identities.

  1. Statement of Interest

Submit a one-page paper detailing interest in the subject matter, potential contributions to the workshop, or summarizing experience with the workshop topics(e.g. researching and working with QTBIPOC communities or participatory design experience).

**Positionality Submissions will not need to follow a specific format, whereas the Experience Submissions must follow the standard CHI format. All submissions must be sent as a PDF file using Google forms available on the website.**

Participants will be selected on the basis of the quality of their submissions. At least one author of each accepted submission must attend the workshop. The organizing committee can be contacted via email to answer relevant questions (,,,,